SaaS Events Review May-June 2024: Collision, Tekpon Awards, Xerocon, and SaaStock USA

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The SaaS landscape in 2024 is rich with innovation and strategic shifts. Our team at SaaSMag attended several key events to uncover the latest trends and breakthroughs. Here are the highlights from Collision, Tekpon Awards, Xerocon, and SaaStock USA.

SaaStock USA 

Dates: May 13-15, 2024

Location: Austin, Texas

SaaStock USA in Austin brought together a high concentration of SaaS decision-makers to foster relationships and accelerate business opportunities. Key highlights included:

  • Networking Focus: The event layout emphasized 1:1 interactions, with attendees leveraging the event portal for effective networking.
  • Real-time Insights and Connections: Attendees, including founders and functional leaders, benefited from immediate feedback and valuable connections, engaging with keynote speakers and participating in speed-dating-style networking sessions.
  • Speaker Setup: Despite challenges with the speaker setup on the expo floor, the pitch competition provided significant exposure for startups.

SaaStock USA has consistently proven to be a premier event for the SaaS community, offering unmatched opportunities for growth, learning, and networking. The carefully curated agenda and the quality of interactions make it a must-attend for anyone serious about advancing in the SaaS industry. This year’s event further cemented its reputation as a cornerstone for early-stage companies looking to build meaningful connections and gain critical insights.

Explore more: SaaStock USA.


Dates: June 12-13, 2024

Location: London, UK

Xerocon 2024 in London, often dubbed the “Glastonbury for accountants and bookkeepers,” focused on cloud accounting innovation. Key highlights included:

  • Embracing Uncertainty: Sam Conniff encouraged attendees to view uncertainty as a positive force for innovation, advocating for open-mindedness to achieve better solutions.
  • AI’s Transformative Power: Sessions showcased AI’s impact on accounting practices, including drafting pitch documents and streamlining processes.
  • Community Building: The event emphasized the importance of meaningful connections within the accounting community, allowing attendees to share achievements and learn about new trends and features.

For more insights, visit: Xerocon 2024.


Dates: June 17-20, 2024

Location: Toronto, Canada

Collision 2024 in Toronto was a hub for discussions on AI’s evolving role and the associated challenges and opportunities. One of the biggest selling points was their star studded speakers some highlights included:

  • Geoffrey Hinton’s Warnings on AI Threats: Known as the “Godfather of AI,” Hinton highlighted existential risks posed by AI, including autonomous weapons, bioterrorism, cybercrime, and surveillance. He called for government-enforced safety measures in AI development.
  • Boeing Whistleblower’s Insight: Sam Salehpour shared the heavy toll of being a whistleblower, particularly after the tragic deaths of two colleagues who faced severe consequences.
  • AI-driven Travel Scams: Marnie Wilking from reported a rise in AI-driven travel scams, stressing the need for robust AI-based defenses.
  • Maria Sharapova on AI in Tennis: The tennis legend discussed AI’s role in enhancing fan engagement and improving the sport through automated line calls and player insights.
  • Rise of Personalized Scams: Jeff Shiner from 1Password warned about AI crafting highly personalized scams, presenting new challenges for cybersecurity.

For a deeper dive into these discussions, visit: Collision 2024.

Tekpon Awards

Dates: June 18, 2024

Location: Bucharest, Romania

The Tekpon Awards 2024 in Bucharest celebrated the software industry’s achievements with a blend of networking, recognition, and insightful discussions. Key highlights included:

  • Networking Opportunities: The event gathered over 400 SaaS professionals, with 100 Founders, offering an ideal environment for valuable connections and business deals.
  • Unique Atmosphere: Unlike typical SaaS conferences, the Tekpon Awards resembled an Oscars night for the software industry, complete with a grand gala, bringing together top minds to discuss trends and innovations.

Learn more about the Tekpon Awards.

These events have shown that 2024 is a pivotal year for SaaS, with AI and human connections being recurring themes. Whether you’re a founder, developer, or industry leader, these conferences offer invaluable insights and networking opportunities to drive your business forward. Stay tuned for more updates and reviews from the SaaS world.

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