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Location: San Jose, California
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Current SaaS 1000 Ranking

Whatfix is a Digital Adoption Solution that boosts ROI of applications by providing contextual, interactive, real-time, and autonomous user guidance & training - driving additional adoption and productivity gains. As teams have been forced to go remote at an unprecedented scale, enterprise software has become more crucial than ever. But massive gaps in efficiency remained as adoption of these essential tools lagged due to inadequate adoption support. Whatfix helps drive user adoption to get the maximum value from software applications like Salesforce, Oracle CRM, Sharepoint, and more without increasing support costs. Whatfix?s DAS helps enterprises continually improve their user adoption by providing relevant, always-available assistance, adapted from all sources within the organization. By leveraging analytics, admins are able to iterate based on real-time data and implement an optimized onboarding plan. Whatfix has a proven record of increasing employee productivity by 35%, reducing training time and costs by 60%, reducing support tickets by 50%, and increasing application data accuracy by 20%. Everest Research recognized this, naming Whatfix a leader in their first ever PEAK Matrix for the Digital Adoption market. By empowering employees to learn by doing, Whatfix eliminates the gap between adoption and proficiency. Whatfix is the first omnichannel DAS designed to layer-up on all applications across web, desktop, and mobile and deliver live guidance. It works on all applications and enhances their impact and efficiency for all organizations. Whatfix is also easy to install and deploy - there are no lengthy implementation cycles; customers simply install a browser extension to get started. Crucially, Whatfix is absolutely user-centric. As the industry's first omnichannel DAS, Whatfix enables companies to extend the scope of their digital adoption content enterprise-wide, so that content is accessible wherever users are and on whatever device. This means that no matter where training and support content exists, Whatfix can contextualize it and bring it in-app to display to a user in real-time in their preferred format, whether it?s a PDF, video, or another form. Whatfix supports the diverse needs of today?s digital workforce by auto-creating content in these various formats. Further, Whatfix content can be re-used outside of Whatfix to deliver a customer-centric experience. A compelling example of this is Whatfix implementation by customer Sophos? to bolster Salesforce adoption among its sales staff. Over the course of September 2018 (the start of the customer relationship) and April 2019, the results were striking. Leveraging Whatfix DAP, Sophos reduced its time to launch Salesforce in a new business unit from three months to one. User adoption time dropped from 8 months to 3, and onboarding modules were reduced from 19 to six. Sophos marked a 20% improvement in data quality and a 60% reduction in content creation time.Training time on new software was reduced by 50%. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said in 2021 that ?Over a year into the pandemic, digital adoption curves aren?t slowing down. They?re accelerating, and it?s just the beginning,? affirming that digital adoption is an essential aspect of the transformations that are rocking every industry. Solutions that facilitate this process will therefore be in a position to disrupt every one of these industries. This was a motivating factor behind Whatfix?s partnership with Microsoft Teams. Microsoft articulated that the ?contextual, interactive, and real-time self-help? it provided users were essential to ?maintain business continuity.? It?s not just Microsoft that?s remarking on Whatfix?s benefits. Whatfix has consistently scored an unprecedented 100th Percentile B2B SaaS Customer NPS cumulatively over the past several quarters, according to GrowthScore, and earned 97% CSAT score over the last two years - 21% higher than the Software Industry average. Gartner Peer Insights rated Whatfix 4.7/5, and G2 Crowd Reviews rated the company 4.6/5, winning the Winter 2021 Leader Badge. Whatfix is used by over 500 companies in 30+ countries including Cardinal Health Canada, Cisco, Experian, BMC Software Inc., and more. Whatfix is based in San Jose, San Francisco, London, Melbourne, Sydney and Bangalore.