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Location: Edinburgh, Midlothian
(755) 754-1527
Current SaaS 1000 Ranking

When a shark tower at the beach spots danger on the horizon, the lifeguard flies a purple flag to warn swimmers. Sharktower does the same for project delivery. Our proven, AI-driven project management software helps spot problems before they occur and eliminates wasteful manual project reporting, giving businesses a clear view across all projects. Sharktower is a B2B focused SaaS business, headquartered in Edinburgh and launched in February 2020. Sharktower?s intelligent software was created by co-founders and project management professionals Lynsey Taylor and Craig Mackay. They designed it specifically to deliver transformational business change enabling teams to collaborate seamlessly in one platform, and plan, manage and track work visually in real-time across the entire business. Under the surface, Sharktower?s machine learning models analyse data to spot problems before they happen, showing project health, slippage and team sentiment in a truly objective way.