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Plan Your Project & Tasks In Time-Based Milestones ? "The Best Free Web Apps of 2013" List -- ? "Sandglaz manages to be powerful and customizable without being difficult to use." -- ? "Loving Sandglaz! Very simple and easy to use! Kudos!" -- Mark Dino EASY, FLUID TASK ENTRY -- Just type all your tasks directly in Sandglaz -- Drag & drop tasks to different projects and milestones. -- Need to move a task to a later milestone? Just drag it there. LARGE TASK DETAIL VIEW -- Ample amount of space on the task detail view so you can add task notes, link to external attachments, and capture more information about a task. UNCOMPLETED TASKS AUTOMATICALLY ROLL OVER -- You'll never lose track of uncompleted tasks. -- At the end of the current milestone, uncompleted tasks automatically move into the next milestone. Smart, huh? ADD #HASHTAGS AND @USERTAGS TO CLARIFY TASK CONTEXT -- Assign tasks to @Jason or @Rebecca with @usertags on any shared grid. -- Add #hashtags to group similar tasks and filter them. FILTER AND FIND TASKS QUICKLY -- Task #hashtags help you organize related tasks. They also act as a filter so you can see all other related tasks. -- Filter by your @usertag to find all tasks assigned to you on a project. -- see what others are working on by filtering on their @usertag.

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