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SaleSource is the most powerful e-commerce product research software ever created. SaleSource simplifies the e-commerce journey, making it easy for brands and businesses to start, scale, and succeed. We are one of the fastest-growing startups in the united kingdom. We want to collaborate with regarding our product promotion. SaleSource is software that has changed the way of dropshipping. These are the few features that make Salesource unique. 1. Find a winning product: Find your winning product from over 1 Billion products. 2. Analyse your competitors: Check your competitor's sales estimates, traffic, themes, and way more to get ahead of their next moves. 3. Find the best supplies: Find the suitable suppliers for your customer client base, analyse their shipping time and supplier rating. Apart from that, we have exciting features like the Chrome extension. You can also directly import products from Salesource to your Shopify store. We now have more than 50 thousand plus customers and a diverse client base. We have more than 2000 Affiliates and have never raised Funding.