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Location: Orlando, Florida
(407) 781-1500
Current SaaS 1000 Ranking

RedTeam is a construction management SaaS-based technology designed by construction professionals for construction contractors. The platform enables construction teams to manage all aspects of a project, including business development, preconstruction, project management, scheduling, field management and cost control. It fundamentally changes the way construction professionals communicate and collaborate on a jobsite. Instead of waiting to get to an office to submit change orders, RFIs, submittals and other vital documents, RedTeam?s cloud-based mobile technology makes it possible to prepare, file and instantly share critical documentation with members of both internal and external teams from anywhere at any time. RedTeam?s construction management technology also connects all project stakeholders wherever they are and ensures real-time access to day-to-day project details and reports as well as information on pandemic-related safety and government updates. The accurate data sharing of equipment weight requirements, limitations and safe-use guidelines, along with other critical details, improves overall jobsite safety. RedTeam also enables contractors to create detailed, accurate estimates that factor in the real costs associated with overhead, risk and job costs. The technology?s actionable data and insights help minimize cost overruns, map out resources and allocate budgets more effectively. The technology also allows firms to manage financial risk by simplifying estimating and integrating accounting into project management to more accurately assess how job progress and profitability stack up against real-time revenue recognition ? the barometer for measuring job profitability, cash flow and working capital efficiency.