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Mass Ingenuity Inc.

Location: Portland, OREGON
(206) 550-3503
Current SaaS 1000 Ranking

Mass Ingenuity provides SaaS enterprise performance management software and consulting services for strategy-to-execution excellence - Results software and Customer First Services. Enterprise Performance Management is relevant in every business environment and industry where performance excellence is required to survive, compete and thrive. The disruptive and uncertain nature of the current business environment reveals that information is power and strong alignment is critical to long-term success. We are a Pacific Northwest based company formed in 2010. Our Results Management System? and Software is a SaaS based solution that drives results through the lens of enterprise performance data, visual analytics, and actionable insights. Our products and services transform how people use data to achieve results and make critical business decisions. We make managing enterprise performance easy, fast, accessible, and valuable. Our software is designed for everyone in the organization. Start with Team or Pro versions to be up and running in just a few minutes. Choose our Enterprise version for larger and more complex organizations. You can also purchase our Visual Analytics Packages to add collaborative, custom dashboards, and reports to your performance.

6 Month Growth
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