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Location: Santa Barbara, CA

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We help our software publishers to grow their revenue upon request by suggesting new marketing channels and partners and by offering marketing guidance. We have a lot of software marketing experience. Personally, I've generated many tens of millions in software revenue by marketing Picasa (now Google), GoToMyPC (now Citrix), and other software products, building them from scratch to where they are today through online revenue generation. Our order pages are highly customizable. FastSpring's free-form structure enables you to configure pricing and component choices as desired. Add or remove various fields, forms, radio buttons, drop-down menus, checkboxes, etc. You're able to create the optimal order page flow. For offerings like cross-selling on the order page, you have full control to determine your own price, how items are displayed, and to retain more of the funds for yourself. As we see it, the customer is yours, not ours, so you should control and benefit most from the products you sell to your customers. We've integrated with various 3rd party affiliate tracking and site analysis systems such as Google Adwords, Google Analytics, and ShareASale to help you understand better where your site visitors and paying customers are coming from, their demographics, traffic trends and more. The integrations can increase your sales through affiliates, since affiliate programs like ShareASale often include higher volume producing affiliates since they can attract many of the larger affiliates who don't join software-specific affiliate programs, only larger, more general affiliate networks. If you use a system or tool we haven't yet integrated, just drop us a note and we can often add your favorite within just a couple of days.

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