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Location: Bethesda, MD
Current SaaS 1000 Ranking

The mission of Crelate is simple - provide software & services that: - Helps people build meaningful relationships with their employees and potential employees - Does not require a lot of time or expertise to use - Is easy for small and mid-sized companies to buy and implement Crelate Talent is powerful talent relationship management, paired with applicant tracking, and delivered with white glove service. We built it for recruiters of all kinds ? executive search firms, contingency recruiting shops, boutique recruiters, internal recruiters and hiring managers, and insatiable networkers who understand that who you know is as important as what you know. It helps you build and maintain a referral network, track applicants to job postings, communicate with your colleagues, and ultimately bring the right talent into your, or your client?s, organizations. Crelate has all the features you?d expect, and is delivered in the cloud on the secure, reliable Microsoft Azure platform. You can use Crelate from virtually anywhere. We support the most popular browsers from either Windows or Mac, and all subscriptions include our iPad and iPhone apps so you aren?t tethered to your desktop or laptop. We love our customers, and we think the feeling is mutual. Our formula is simple: we know that software is only half the equation. So when you sign up, we're there to make sure things start off right. All of our subscription plans come with free support. You can always count on connecting with a real, live person when you need one. Plus, we'll call you - to see how it?s going, to help you make changes to your system, to show you how to do things you might not have known we could do, and to see how we can make Crelate even better. Sign up with us and see what software as a service should be.

6 Month Growth
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