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CASA Retail AI

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu
(950) 002-6379
Current SaaS 1000 Ranking

CASA - The Omni-Channel AI-Driven CDP (Customer Data Platform) is a new age digital platform which analyses customer behaviour and clusters them into various buckets and engages with them in a personalized non-invasive manner. Being an omnichannel platform, CASA provides a Single-View of customers and understands the customer's journey both offline and online and helps the retailer develop an ever-lasting relationship with the customer. CASA also helps the retailer solve his problems in the Merchandising department by forecasting the demand for each and every product/service. By understanding both the customer's needs and the product's characteristics, CASA helps the retailers increase the Sales Revenue, Customer Retention rates, and Customer Footfall to the brand. CASA CDP includes a combination of product suite comprises of ECommerce, CRM, Lead Management, Offer Management, Smart Campaign Manager powered by AI and ML.