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Location: Auckland, NZ
866 343-7386
Current SaaS 1000 Ranking

From the country that was first to split the atom, climb Mt Everest and string out the Lord of the Rings & Hobbit trilogies over more than 17 hours, comes AskNicely to champion the pursuit of customer experiences worth raving about. AskNicely is a SaaS platform that helps businesses deliver WOW experiences to every customer, every time leveraging the Net Promoter Score framework. You see, customers don't trust traditional marketing anymore, they trust what their mates say. So smart brands like Apple, Amazon and Zappos rely on Net Promoter Score (NPS) to proactively discover what customers ACTUALLY think and take action on that feedback. AskNicely makes it incredibly easy to: 1. Automatically collect feedback from customers with industry leading response rates 2. Engage your entire business with insights and drive a customer inspired culture 3. Action customer feedback at scale to accelerate customer growth Net Promoter Score, NPS surveys, SAAS, Marketing automation, Customer advocacy, Customer Experience, Customer Feedback

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