Growing SaaS Companies Spotlight: 4 Companies Climbing the SaaS Ladder

Welcome to the SaaS Companies Spotlight! We are dedicated to bringing you info on less well-known, growing SaaS Companies. Make sure to check back to stay up to date with the most important headlines in SaaS.

This week we’re covering four SaaS companies that are moving quickly into our SaaS radar: Vend, JobAdder, YayPay, and RedCloak from SecureWorks. All tackling the SaaS world from different angles, these four businesses are rapidly gaining traction and attention from SaaS consumers everywhere.

Vend: The More Staff, The Better

Vend, a POS software company based out of Auckland, has large-scale plans to hire. The software company boasts the latest data for fast and inexpensive ways to scale businesses with the ability to add new staff, registers, and sale channels with one digital click. Chief Executive Alex Fala has identified an untapped market in North America and plans to hire a plethora of new employees to explore this new resource. Vend has plans to create 54 new jobs in Auckland and 71 new jobs overseas, a big change for a company with 300 current employees.

SecureWorks: Expansion by New Software

SecureWorks recently released a new software application named Red Cloak Threat Detection & Response, which works to drastically reduce false positives and save resources. SecureWorks details how Red Cloak has a heighted detection system that flags threats most security products would miss. This software release is a major step in expanding and revolutionizing the cybersecurity industry. SecureWorks, via Red Cloak, boasts a built-in chat feature during investigations to Red Cloak team members for recommendations of immediate action business owners should take.

YayPay: Growth Rewarded

YayPay, a fast growing accounts receivable automation app that facilitates in the collecting of money in a faster, easier, and more predictable fashion, was just named a Major Player in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide SaaS and Cloud-Enabled Accounts Receivable Applications 2019 Vendor Assessment. The company, founded only two years ago in 2017, has grown their user base by 400% in the past year alone. Senior research analyst of Enterprise Applications and Digital Commerce within IDC commented on YayPays’ exceptional understanding of customer wants stating that was key to their success and will continue to be in the upcoming quarters. YayPay has been seeing explosive growth, with $14 million of investment funds from Fifth Third Bank, Birchmere, and Information Venture Partners.

JobAdder: Partnering with the Big League

JobAdder announced on May 28th an integration with well-known web automation app company Zapier. JobAdder, founded in 2007, continues to help businesses with the stress of recruitment by elevating sourcing, helping with anything from requisition to onboarding, and automating workflow. The integration allows businesses to now focus on their most important work tasks while Zapier takes care of moving information between JobAdder and daily web apps. For example, if a team member makes a placement via JobAdder, Zapier automatically alerts others in the company of the details of the person and their new placement via email. This integration is a big success for JobAdder.

The SaaS ecosystem is growing rapidly- 33% of companies are using more SaaS applications than they did in 2016. Within this explosively growing sphere, these four companies are definitely a few to watch out for. We will be keeping an eye on how Vend’s large-scale hire translates for the company, the results of RedCloak Threat Detection & Response, the continuation of YayPay’s explosive user base growth, and if JobAdder expands due to their new integration with Zapier. Check back soon for more SaaS based news from your premier magazine in the space!

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