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by | Oct 8, 2020 | SaaS Spotlight

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Back in 2002, Katherine Kostereva, along with a few other like-minded individuals, united the desire to help businesses seamlessly automate ideas with the creation of a competitive software solution. Their efforts produced Creatio, a low-code platform for process management and CRM.

“We saw the future of enterprise software as low-code,” Kostereva, Creatio’s CEO and managing partner, says. “The low-code approach accelerates app development and automation by ten times. It doesn’t require huge investments or additional IT resources as every employee can create solutions with low-code without coding skills,” she explains.

Creatio | Award winning BPM CRM system for marketing, sales and service to manage business processes across the entire customer journey on a single low code platform

With its emphasis on low-code, Creatio allows users to build user interfaces and business logics, define data models, institute machine learning models, implement useful integrations, and more–all without the need for a developer or extensive training. “We want to allow everyone to be a developer,” Kostereva continues. “Everyone should be able to create applications they need at work and automate business ideas in minutes. And Creatio empowers creators to accelerate those operations with minimum effort thus building low-code companies.” In addition to this low-code platform, Creatio also differentiates itself with a few other “superpowers,” including a BPM engine to change processes faster and a unified CRM to align sales, marketing, and service.

Preview of Creatio’s product BPM

Since startup, Creatio has grown from a handful of members to an international team of over 600 employees. Through extensive partnerships, Creatio operates in 110 countries worldwide and has taken a focalized interest in hosting offline events such as Accelerate, the company’s own featured global tour event series. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Creatio saw the opportunity to collaborate and took it. “The company has responded with a program of digital events to connect leaders and experts from various industries to collaboratively help cope with current challenges and build a rock-solid foundation for the future,” Kostereva says.

“We want to allow everyone to be a developer. . .”

Though most live, in-person events have been canceled for most of 2020, Creatio has hosted over 210 virtual practical webinars, peer-to-peer discussions, debate sessions, product battles, and plans on hosting even more. In October, Creatio plans to host Accelerate Global, a 24-hour livestream conference focused on helping IT, digital and business leaders create low-code companies. “On October 28, organizations and professionals from all over the world will unite to share knowledge, inspire, and drive the low-code industry forward. We compiled insights of our offline Accelerate events in the Americas, Europe, Australia, and Asia and prepared one unique 24-hour live stream filled with knowledge, trends, real-world cases, and practical workshops on how to accelerate business transformation,” Kostereva elaborates.

Katherine Kostereva, CEO and Managing Partner

Beyond powering their Accelerate Global event, Creatio plans to keep forging a new market category with their low-code platform for process management and CRM. “Our offering is a perfect fit to help organizations from different industries and geographies automate and change processes at maximum speed,” Kostereva enthuses. “As we’ve mentioned, we believe with low-code technology everyone can be a developer and help create a low-code company.”

The good people at Creatio believe that low-code solutions will change the future of app- and website-developing–and we at SaaS Mag are right there with them. In an ideal world, anyone and everyone could be a developer, and Creatio is making incredible progress toward achieving the ideal. Low-code development platforms like Creatio offer the tools and environment for businesses to decrease time spent on developing applications and increase the attention placed on the end-users’ needs.

Creatio named 2020 SaaS 1000 honoree

With its three separate arms that can either be used as a bundle or standalone products, Creatio is accelerating organizations’ marketing, sales, and services operations in industries across the board. For example, Creatio’s CRM can service organizations in banking by automating their lending procedures. From processing to verification and underwriting, Creatio’s CRM offers a unified solution to house all customer information, automate the lending process, configure business management tasks, and generate valuable execution metrics for the company to identify issues in workflow or bottlenecks.

As aforementioned, Creatio offers this caliber of offerings for industries across the board, including the pharmaceutical, transportation and logistics, finance, and telecommunications industries to name a few. With organizations’ growing needs for digital transformation and automation, we think Creatio is leading in innovation for low-code process management solutions and CRM–and we’re not the only ones. In 2020, Creatio was named to our SaaS 1000 list; Gartner’s Magic Quadrants for Sales Force Automation, CRM Lead Management, and Low Code Application Platforms; and as a leader of G2’s Grid Report for Business Process Management, Autumn 2020.

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