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Saas Magazine January 2019

Saas Mag

January 2019 

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Saas Mag

April 2019 




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"There was something about having a physical magazine I could read that caught my attention. Didn’t hurt that the content was good too. I can’t remember the last time I spent 15 minutes reading something on my computer.” 

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“Great content. Really helps SaaS leaders understand more about movement in the industry, best practices when it comes to SaaS, and useful information that you can use whether you’re a product founder, marketer or consultant. Subscribing will give you a great view of what’s going on.”

-Luis Camacho, Founder of SaaS AdLab Podcast and FANTOM SaaS Marketing Agency

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SaaS Mag, the world's definitive quarterly SaaS publication for those working or interested in the industry, speaks directly to the biggest players in the SaaS space to gather key business and technical insights, as well as current market trends. The biggest quarterly SaaS publication to date, SaaS Mag is distributed to a network of tens of thousands of professionals in the SaaS space, offering expert techniques, advice and profiles from owners, advisors and leading commentators in SaaS.

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